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3 Questions to Ask the Best Cataract Surgeon in Austin Before Cataract Removal

Doctors may understand cataract surgery well, but there is a lot that patients might not know. Going into your cataract surgery with information can put your mind at ease and help you recover faster. 

Keep reading to learn three questions to ask the best cataract surgeon in Austin before cataract removal!

How Do I Prepare For Cataract Surgery?

There are many different ways to prepare yourself for cataract surgery. Here are a few that will make your life easier.

Schedule a Ride 

It is important to have someone take you to and from the clinic. After surgery, it will take some time for your eyes to adjust. 

It won’t be safe for you to drive for at least a day. If possible, coordinate with a friend, so you don’t need to figure it out on the same day. 

Take Care of Chores 

Taking care of chores beforehand can make your recovery much smoother. You may even consider meal prepping, so you don’t have to worry about cooking. 

You’ll need to be careful with your eyes during the first few days. Lifting or bending at the waist can pressure your eyes, which may hinder recovery. 

Make sure you have everything lined up ahead of time so you can relax as much as possible.     

Plan Some Entertainment 

Planning entertainment ahead of time can also make the recovery process go quicker. Since you won’t be able to be active, you should find things that are light. 

Set aside some books or movies, find a puzzle that speaks to you, or download a podcast, so you’re ready to go.  

Should I Use Eye Drops After Surgery?

Cataract surgery is very safe and effective. However, you may experience some side effects during recovery.

Many people will experience dry eye for a while after cataract surgery. This is because the surgeon has to open the cornea, which often damages the nerves inside. 

Rubbing your eyes is never a good idea, but it can be detrimental when healing from eye surgery. Your doctor might prescribe you eye drops ahead of the surgery, and they may also recommend artificial tears. 

Make sure to pick them up before the surgery, so you have them available when you need them. It is essential to use your prescription eye drops as instructed to avoid any complications during the healing process.

What Kind Of Lens Works Best For My Lifestyle?

To remove a cataract, your cataract surgeon has to replace the entire lens inside your eye. They exchange it with an artificial lens called an IOL. 

Before going under the laser, you and your doctor will choose an IOL that will work for you. Deciding on an IOL can be complicated. 

You have to balance what you want from your vision with what you want to pay. The two primary options of IOLs are standard and premium.

Standard IOLs are the least expensive but can only focus on one distance. For this reason, you will need glasses for certain activities.

Premium IOLs, on the other hand, can allow you to experience clear vision at both near and far. Modern premium IOLs can even adjust, so the in-between vision is smooth. 

While premium IOLs don’t guarantee freedom from glasses, they will reduce your need for them. Many people end up with vision better than they had before cataracts!

Do you have questions about cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX, today to get them answered in detail!