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What Is Really Causing My Dry Eyes?

Young woman suffering from Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are very common. This condition often occurs when your eyes produce low-quality tears or not enough tears.

Dealing with dry eyes can be uncomfortable. If your eyes sting or burn, you may have dry eyes. This can be made worse if you’re flying, near air conditioning, or if you spend a lot of time looking at digital devices.

The good news? If you do have dry eyes, you can treat them! Keep reading to learn some of the things that may be causing your dry eyes!

What are the causes of dry eyes?

Dry eyes are usually caused by one of two reasons. The first is that your eyes aren’t producing enough tears. The second is your tears are not doing a good job of keeping your eyes lubricated and well-moisturized.

Aging is another common cause of dry eyes. As a result of the aging process, it’s more difficult for the body to create tears.

Without enough tears, it’s harder to keep your eyes healthy. Certain medical problems and medications can also cause dry eyes. If you think that this may be the case, make sure to mention it to your eye doctor.

Poor habits can also lead to dry eyes. Your environment can take its toll and lead to drier eyes. This is especially true if you are around wind, smoke, or very dry air.

Although you may not realize it, blinking or not blinking can also lead to dry eyes. Blinking is an important way to keep your eyes lubricated.

You’re less likely to blink if you’re concentrating on a task or spending time in front of a computer.

What should I do if I have dry eyes?

If you find that your eyes feel drier than normal, you’re better off seeking treatment early. Early treatment is the best way to avoid your symptoms from getting worse.

If dry eye syndrome is not treated, it can be quite damaging to your eyes. This can include eye infections, and damage to the surface of your eyes.

If you know that your eyes are dry, there are things you can do on your end. Pay attention to when your eyes feel dry, and check your surroundings.

Is the car air conditioner blowing in your eyes? Have you been starting at the computer screen for too long?

Have you been exposed to smoke? Do your best to avoid these situations, as they are known to cause dry eyes.

Treating your dry eyes

There are simple steps you can take to help with your dry eye symptoms. Adding a humidifier to rooms you spend the most time in can help your eyes.

You can also try wearing wrap-around sunglasses, or other protective eyewear. This can help keep your eyes safe from exposure.

It’s also very important to take breaks during long tasks. Reading or working on the computer for long periods of time will make your dry eyes flare up.

Always be aware of your environment. Dry eyes are usually caused by your surroundings.

Be smart and keep eye drops on you. If your eyes feel dry, use eye drops and artificial tears when the feeling starts. Even if your eyes don’t feel dry, you may want to use eye drops to keep them lubricated.

Avoid rubbing your eyes. This can lead to severe damage or could hurt your eyes. If they itch or are bothering you, use artificial tears to keep them wet instead.

Dry eyes still bothering you? It may be time to bring in the help of a professional. Schedule an appointment at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX to discuss your dry eye treatment options with one of our ophthalmologists!

There’s no reason to continue living with the debilitating symptoms of dry eye syndrome any longer!