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Love Clear Vision? Why You Should Consider LASIK!

A woman smiling holding a coffee cup and a pair of glasses

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up and see without contacts or glasses? LASIK can make that happen.

If you would love to have clear vision, all day and night, consider LASIK. It’s a simple procedure.

In fact, it is the most commonly performed medical procedure, which makes sense given its popularity. Millions of patients have had their vision corrected all over the world.

Most LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision or better! The best part? You can finally say so long to both glasses and contact lenses!

LASIK surgery takes less than an hour. Most people have less than an hour to spare from their busy lives!

It’s worth it when you can say you’ve achieved visual freedom. No more having to keep up with your glasses and contact lens prescriptions and maintenance.

No more cleaning off dirty lenses and poking yourself in the eye every morning. With one simple procedure, you can leave contact lenses and glasses behind, forever.

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from LASIK and the recovery process, as well as a few reasons you should consider LASIK!

Quick and Painless

LASIK is a quick and painless procedure to undergo. It is a very simple and routine surgery.

No, you won’t have to go to a hospital. Instead, you’ll go to your eye doctor’s office to perform the procedure.

This is much easier and will put you at ease. You will be in and out of the surgery suite in less than an hour. Most LASIK procedures last no longer than thirty minutes.

Before the procedure, you’ll receive numbing eye drops so you won’t feel any pain. If you’re nervous, don’t let that stand in your way of clear vision! You can ask for a sedative like Valium to relax you.

During the Procedure

LASIK works because you’ll have your cornea reshaped permanently. If you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, these are the refractive errors that LASIK corrects for patients.

This is possible thanks to laser technology, which is incredibly precise. Your surgeon will start by creating a small incision on your cornea.

A refractive laser will then reshape your cornea through this incision. The reshaping of your cornea will take only about fifteen minutes for each eye.

Recovery Process

The LASIK recovery process is also very simple, as long as you follow all instructions from your surgeon. The best thing you can do as you recover from LASIK?

Relax! Kick your feet up and relax for a couple of days. This means that you need to avoid any strenuous activity.

Most patients are back to enjoying their full life in only 2 – 3 days. Only now, you will have clearer vision. Following all instructions and allowing your eyes to heal will lead to the best possible results after having LASIK.

Exercise Made Easy

Don’t you hate when your glasses fog up or slip off your nose when you are working out? Contact lenses also have a knack for slipping out when sweat drips into your eyes.

LASIK takes away these annoying problems by giving you clear vision without having to use contact lenses or glasses. LASIK lets you enjoy exercising effortlessly.

Never Forget Your Glasses

Have you ever reached for your glasses and realized you didn’t have them? Maybe you were a movie theater or a restaurant for dinner.

A moment of panic can start when you need glasses to see clearly and suddenly you don’t have them. LASIK means never forgetting your glasses because you won’t need them.

Enjoy Life Clearly

LASIK allows you to enjoy life to the fullest and to do so with clear vision. Make sure you are present through all life’s precious moments without having to use glasses or contact lenses to see.

Ready to ditch contact lenses and your glasses? The first step is a LASIK consultation. Schedule yours today with Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX!