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3 Reasons To Consider LASIK Before This Fall

Young woman smiling after LASIK

Tired of relying on glasses to see? These days, you don’t have to!

LASIK is the perfect way to fix your eyesight and give you the vision you deserve. It’s never too late to start your LASIK journey.

The sooner you come in for a consultation at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX, the sooner you can begin! Keep reading for 3 reasons to consider LASIK before this fall!

1. Enjoy the rest of your Summer with Enhanced Sight

Though there is a recovery period after LASIK, it’s not terribly long. There are things that you can and cannot do after the procedure, but you can get back to many activities quite quickly.

Recovery from LASIK is a progressive process. You will be able to add in activities from your normal routine as you heal.

Many of these activities are much more enjoyable after LASIK. You’ll be free to enjoy them as you please without glasses interfering!

Once you’re cleared to swim by your doctor, take a trip to the beach and find out what swimming is like while you can see. Go for runs outside when you’re able to exercise again.

It’s pretty liberating to be able to work out without lenses fogging up on you! There’s so much to do and plenty of nice days left to enjoy before the season changes!

2. Heal in Time for Halloween

No need to go as Velma again for Halloween this year. By the time the spookiest day rises from the grave, you can be fully recovered from LASIK.

That will mean you can finally be ready to design a costume that lets you be creative! Not being constricted by your need to see means that you can wear masks and have fun while enjoying crystal clear vision. LASIK gives you so much freedom it’s scary!

3. The Cost-Benefit

One of the most compelling reasons to get LASIK before fall is that autumn is so far away. The sooner you get LASIK, the sooner you can enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it.

This means more time seeing the way you were meant to see. It also means less time spent struggling with contacts or losing out on experiences because of your glasses.

Getting LASIK sooner rather than later makes financial sense for similar reasons. Consider all the small but persistent costs using contacts or glasses comes with.

Repairs, replacements, and general maintenance may not seem like a lot at the time, but it adds up over time. Even though the price of LASIK may seem steep, over time it will pay for itself.

Think about it: you’ll no longer need to pay for glasses or contacts after you have LASIK! The longer you have vision improved by LASIK, the more savings you rack up.

If you cannot afford the upfront cost of LASIK, talk to us about a payment plan. There are other financing options that can help fit LASIK into the tightest budget. There’s no reason cost should be what stands in your way of getting LASIK!

Think LASIK could be right for you? Find out for sure by scheduling a LASIK consultation at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX!

Why wait if clearer vision could be yours before this fall?