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Hidden Benefits of LASIK in Austin

The main benefit of LASIK is obvious: it allows you to experience greater visual freedom. Better eyesight is an excellent benefit of LASIK, but improved vision after LASIK changes your lifestyle in countless ways that you may not even realize. 

Keep reading to learn some of the hidden benefits you may experience after having LASIK in Austin!

No More Foggy Glasses While You Cook

Cooking is a great way to save money while making something delicious. However, it can also be a bit stressful trying to get everything together.

If you don’t time everything right, it can take longer than you had planned. Even worse, you could risk burning parts of the meal. 

To simplify the process, it’s best to minimize distractions. Cooking also usually involves heating things that have moisture. 

This, of course, creates steam. For most people, this isn’t a problem. 

People with glasses, however, know all too well the problems this can create. Simply opening the oven to check on a casserole can leave you blinded as your glasses fog up instantly. 

LASIK can allow you to experience freedom from visual aids. After the procedure, you can stay focused when making dinner every day of the week if you want to! 

Going To The Movies Without Distraction

Going to the movies is a simple luxury that most people enjoy from time to time. It can be especially fun to check out the latest 3D movie. 

However, glasses can make that a problem. 3D technology works by having the viewer wear special glasses. 

You may think you can simply wear the 3D glasses over your own or use contacts. Unfortunately, these are not perfect solutions. 

Wearing standard glasses with your 3D glasses is a recipe for a headache. Contacts can dry up, which means you could risk missing part of the movie altogether due to irritation. 

LASIK gives you freedom from glasses and contacts. After LASIK, you don’t have to let them get in your way.   

Want to test out your LASIK vision? Why not try a drive-in theater in Austin. 

The Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In is a great place to check out a classic film or indie flick. Moonstruck Drive-In Cinema is another fantastic option, or you could even make your way to Doc’s Drive-In Theatre for dinner, drinks, and a show!

Enjoying Light Shows During Austin Autumn

November marks the beginning of the holidays for many folks, which is a great excuse to start decorating. You can catch some of the most dazzling displays right in Austin. 

Right now, you can go to the Texas Arboretum at the Wildflower Center at the University of Texas and catch the stunning Field of Light display. The entire art project covers 16 acres and includes 28,000 solar-powered lights creating a memorable experience for everyone that sees it. 

Mozart’s Coffee also hosts a spectacular annual light show. It begins November 10 and runs all the way through the first week of the new year. Enjoy some hot tea or coffee and live music with eyes that can really appreciate the spectacle.

LASIK has helped millions of people achieve outstanding vision, and it can help you too. The level of clarity you can receive can be absolutely life changing!

Partying All Night Without Changing Your Contacts

Looking to pull an all-nighter? Contacts can complicate that. 

Contact lenses need to be changed every day and soaked overnight. This keeps them lubricated and clean from bacteria. 

The last thing you want is an eye infection ruining your day. LASIK allows you to be free from the restriction of contacts and glasses. 

You don’t need to weigh the risk of keeping your contacts in too long versus having a good time. LASIK can even save you money in the long run. 

When you don’t need to spend money every month on new contacts, the savings add up. 

Being Spontaneous

You don’t always need to have a plan. Sometimes surprising yourself is more fun than anything. 

You could just go for a simple, unexpected hike in the autumn air or try skydiving for the first time. Either way, LASIK helps you with that. 

After LASIK, you will be open to so many more opportunities. The fear of damaging or losing your glasses can hold you back more than you might realize.

Even small things like swimming and rock climbing are easily enjoyed by many people. However, they can be more challenging for people that have to wear glasses or contact lenses. 

LASIK puts the power into your hands to choose how you want to spend your time. Experience true visual freedom through LASIK!

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