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Is PRELEX Right For Me?

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Are you ready to make a change and get rid of your eyeglasses and contacts for good? Maybe it’s time to discuss your options to achieve visual freedom.

One option that could be an excellent choice for you is PRELEX. Depending on your situation, PRELEX may be better for you than other vision correction procedures like LASIK.

Continue reading to learn more about PRELEX and whether it may be right for you.


PRELEX, or Presbyopic Lens Exchange, is a type of vision correction surgery. It uses lens implantation to end your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

During the PRELEX procedure, your natural lenses get replaced with multi-focal lenses. The multi-focal lens helps sharpen your vision and allows you to see clearly up close and far away.

Do You Need Reading Glasses?

PRELEX treats Presbyopia, a common eye condition that happens as you age. Presbyopia makes it difficult for you to see up close and forces you to need reading glasses.

Most people will get Presbyopia as they age. Even if you’ve had LASIK, you may need to wear reading glasses at some point.

If you’re forty-five or older, whether you’ve had LASIK or not, PRELEX may be a good option for you. If you want to ditch reading glasses and avoid cataract surgery, it is an excellent option to consider.

Do You Have Cataracts Or Think You Might Get Them?

Cataracts form as the natural lens in your eye becomes clouded. They are part of the aging process and cause your vision to be hazy or dark, making it hard for you to see.

If left untreated, cataracts can lead to blindness. When you develop them, you must replace your natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens or IOL.

During cataract surgery and PRELEX, your natural lenses get replaced with IOLs. Cataract surgery corrects your vision after cataracts are affecting your eyesight.

PRELEX ensures that cataracts will never impair your eyesight because cataracts don’t form on IOLs. That means you will never need cataract surgery.

What’s The Difference Between PRELEX And LASIK?

LASIK is also a permanent vision correction surgery. It helps to decrease or eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

LASIK corrects these common refractive errors by reshaping the surface of your cornea with a special laser. Reshaping your cornea like this allows you to see without glasses or contacts.

PRELEX does not alter your cornea. It replaces the natural lens in your eye with an IOL, giving you clear vision even as your body ages. 

LASIK is only a good option if you are in your twenties or thirties. If you’re in your forties or older, then PRELEX may be best.

What To Expect During PRELEX Surgery

PRELEX is an outpatient surgery. That means it happens in your eye doctor’s office and not a hospital.

Before the procedure, your surgeon will numb your eye with eye drops, and they will give you a mild sedative. The entire procedure lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes.

Although, your eyes are corrected separately. You will need to have your second eye fixed a few weeks after your first.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make micro-incisions in your cornea. These incisions allow them to remove your natural lens.

Then they replace your lens with a premium IOL to give you clear vision at all distances. No more glasses for reading or driving, you’ll have clear vision all the time.

After the procedure, you’ll have to rest for a day or two, and then you should be able to resume normal activities.

Schedule an appointment at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX, to discuss PRELEX with your eye doctor. They will help you find the best solution to give you clear eyesight!