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10 Reasons To Get LASIK Right Now

Young woman posing after LASIK

Always thought about having LASIK but never been able to talk yourself into it? There has never been a better time to get LASIK!

It’s understandable if you’re nervous thinking about LASIK. Keep reading for 10 reasons to get LASIK right now!

1. No More Contacts

Getting LASIK means the end of needing to wear contact lenses. Wouldn’t it be great to no longer worry about eye drops and contact solution?

Contacts are great but they are not a perfect vision correction solution. You can also save money when you decide to have LASIK and no longer have to deal with contact lenses anymore.

2. No More Glasses

Glasses are great until they aren’t. If you’ve worn glasses for a long time, you know they can be frustrating.

Wouldn’t you finally like to say goodbye to them forever? LASIK is a permanent procedure because it reshapes the cornea.

The procedure will correct your refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. That means no more forgetting where you last put your glasses down.

You can also finally stop spending your hard-earned money on yet another pair of replacement glasses. This may be the best part: you’ll never have to switch back and forth between glasses and prescription sunglasses again!

3. Easier Morning Routine

If you’re not a morning person, getting LASIK makes sense. No more contact lenses means your morning routine got a lot easier.

There’s nothing worse than trying to put in your contacts when you’re in a rush. Chances are, you’ll do this and then put them on inside out. Nobody wants to deal with that!

4. Headaches From Glasses Are a Thing of the Past

Do you ever get headaches from having to focus when you wear your glasses? What about the pain you experience when you poke yourself in the eye trying to put in contacts?

These universal experiences can be something you’ll just laugh about after LASIK!

5. Say Goodbye to Getting Blinded In The Rain

There’s nothing worse than the sudden onset of anxiety that comes from getting caught in the rain. It never helps when your glasses become fogged up and wet.

Who wants to walk around in the rain when they can’t see? Even if you aren’t wearing glasses, your contacts never seem to cooperate during these storms. Worst case, they fall right out of your eyes and then you really can’t see.

6. Swimming Is Made Easy

It’s no fun not being able to see underwater. It can make swimming a drag. After LASIK you will be able to see perfectly clear underwater.

All you’ll need are a pair of swim goggles.

7. Enjoy 3D Movies Again

3D movies are a blast. What’s not fun is when you have to wear 3D glasses over your regular glasses. Talk about a headache!

Contact lenses can make it harder to see through the 3D film. LASIK will let you enjoy 3D movies again.

8. See the Beauty of the Seasons

Season changes are some of the most beautiful parts of the year. But it’s hard to appreciate what’s all around you if you can’t really see it.

Getting LASIK will give you the ability to see as you’ve never seen before. LASIK lets you enjoy the beauty of the seasons without contacts or glasses.

9. Buy Better Sunglasses

If you don’t wear contact lenses, then wearing sunglasses means buying expensive prescription sunglasses. But with LASIK, you can enjoy clear vision without visual aids.

That means those drug store sunglasses will work just fine as long as they provide UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s rays. You can also splurge and buy a pair of sunglasses that will last.

10. See Better Feel Better

You feel like your best self when you see clearly. No more planning outfits or makeup applications around your glasses. See perfectly and feel great after having LASIK.

Ready to change your life? It’s easy to take the first step by scheduling a LASIK consultation at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX!

There’s no time like the present to see the world with crystal clear clarity!