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Are You Prepared For Cataract Surgery?

Older woman with cataracts considering surgery

Aging is the most common cause of cataracts. If you are getting older, you may already have cataracts and not know it.

Cataracts can make your vision less clear and cloudy. If your quality of life has begun to suffer, it might be time to get cataract surgery.

Before any surgery, it makes sense to prepare yourself. This will make you less nervous. It also makes it a lot easier to recover!

Keep reading to learn what you can do to prepare before having cataract surgery!

One week before cataract surgery

A week before you have cataract surgery, schedule an appointment with your doctor to run a few tests. The tests are simple and will help your doctor to make the right plan about correcting your vision.

After this appointment, it’s important to schedule follow-up visits for after your surgery. Additionally, you should make a plan for getting yourself home after having cataract surgery.

You will not be able to drive yourself, so consider asking a family member or trusted friend. You may also want to have them help you inside as you’ll be quite tired after your procedure.

Another good idea is to check with your insurance about what will be covered. Not every intraocular lens implanted during cataract surgery will be totally covered.

If you choose a premium IOL, you will likely need to pay out of pocket. Having this information on hand and sorted out will give you peace of mind as you get closer to your surgery date.

The night before cataract surgery

Your doctor will likely give you eye drops or other mild medications to take the night before your surgery. Be sure to follow these instructions closely.

You will not be able to drink alcohol the night before your surgery. You also shouldn’t eat or drink past midnight the night before your surgery.

A good night’s rest is always helpful. If you are stressed out about having cataract surgery, talk to your eye doctor.

They may be able to prescribe something to help you relax. Make sure you mention all other medications that you take so that nothing conflicts.

The day of cataract surgery

It is important not to eat or drink anything the morning of your cataract surgery. Though your belly may be grumbling, food and surgery do not go well together.

Dress in your favorite comfy clothes and forget the makeup or cologne. Having any makeup on can result in tiny particles causing an infection. Show up with a clean face.

You should arrive about half an hour early to your surgery. This will help you not to feel rushed.

You can also have any last minute questions answered. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor anything that may be on your mind.

If you can, ask your ride home to wait for you through the surgery so you won’t have to worry about calling them after the procedure. Cataract surgery is usually over in less than two hours.

You may need to wait and rest a bit before your doctor will clear you to go home.

You will be prescribed a course of recovery, and more time to ask questions after the procedure is complete. If you have any concerns or are confused in any way, mention it to your doctor.

They will be happy to help and will make you feel as comfortable as possible as you exit the surgery.

Wondering if it’s time to have your cataracts removed? Schedule a cataract screening at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX!

You’ve spent this long living with cataracts, so why wait any longer to have cataract surgery?