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What Sets The Vivity Lens Apart From Other Lenses?

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Have concerns that you may have cataracts and will need cataract surgery sooner than later? Cataract surgery is the only way to see clearly again if you have cataracts.

After cataract surgery, you’ll be able to see with clarity again. This is done by replacing the natural lens of your eye.

With cataracts, this becomes cloudy due to cataracts. During the procedure, your surgeon replaces the natural lens with an artificial lens.

This artificial lens is an intraocular lens or IOL. Keep reading to learn more about IOLs and the Vivity lens!

Choosing an IOL Before Cataract Surgery

Before cataract surgery, you will choose the IOL that you want to have implanted. There are several different kinds of IOLs.

The first type of IOL is called a monofocal lens. This lens will restore and correct your vision but you’ll still need glasses or contacts. Your vision is only corrected in one zone: either distance, intermediate, or up-close vision.

Another kind of IOL is a premium IOL known as a multifocal lens. This IOL will correct your vision at all distances.

A multifocal lens allows your eye to adjust to each distance as you focus on different objects. A new kind of extended range of vision lens now available is the Vivity lens.

Vivity Lens

The Vivity lens stands apart from other lenses due to its unique design. Part of this is its X-Wave technology, which is unique to only the Vivity lens.

With X-Wave technology, the lens uses all available light and creates a continuous and extended range of vision. For patients, this means reducing dependence on glasses and contacts after cataract surgery.

See Clearly at All Distances

The Vivity lens allows you to see clearly, no matter what distance you’re looking at.

Distance Vision

Your far distance is used to focus on objects that are far away from you. This could include seeing the path and lay of your golf ball, or focusing on the theater staged from the balcony.

Even if what you’re looking at is further away, with the Vivity lens, you’ll be able to see things clearly and with ease.

Intermediate Vision

At an arm’s length distance refers to things that are within your arm’s length, which is the standard measurement for intermediate vision. This could include your car dashboard, your computer monitor, or the product labels on a grocery store shelf.

The Vivity lens is especially well-suited for people that complete tasks that are at an arm’s length away since their vision is sharper thanks to better visual acuity.

Up Close Vision

Up close vision may include tasks like reading a newspaper or putting on makeup in the mirror.

A Vivity lens allows you to see clearly while completing these tasks. You may still need glasses but you won’t be as dependent on them.

Ready to ditch your cataracts and your vision problems? The first step in the process is a cataract screening. Schedule yours now with Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX!

If you’re ready to welcome clearer vision, the Vivity lens may be the right choice for you!