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5 Tips For A Smoother LASIK Recovery

Woman relaxing after LASIK eye surgery

Recovering from LASIK is the trickiest part of the procedure. It is during this time that you will be more likely to get infections or injure your eyes.

For this reason, you will need to take some extra precautions while you heal. You will learn all you need to know about how you can be best prepared for LASIK recovery during your LASIK consultation.

Keep reading for 5 tips for a smoother LASIK recovery!

1. Get Plenty of Rest

You will likely be very tired after your LASIK procedure. This is completely normal and is actually a very important part of recuperating.

Set aside some time to nap when you get home from the clinic. Be sure to wear the eye shields provided to you. They aren’t the most attractive but they are necessary!

They help you avoid rubbing or bumping your eyes while you sleep. This could cause some serious damage even if you don’t mean to, so wear your eye shields.

2. Don’t Take Part in High-Risk Activities

Since your eyes will be in such a fragile state, it makes sense that you can’t play sports or any vigorous exercise. But during the first few days, even tasks like lifting something heavy or bending over at the waist can put enough pressure on your eyes to damage them.

Be prepared to take it very easy for the first several days. Plan on doing some light activities such as reading or watching television. You should avoid contact sports for at least a month after having LASIK.

3. Limit Your Exposure to Water

You’ll need to put swimming of any kind on hold. Water can carry bacteria and germs. As you recover from LASIK, your eyes are more susceptible to infections than normal.

Even what looks like clean tap water carries germs. Your eyes are normally able to handle the small amounts that come through.

You can still shower, but be very careful not to get soap, shampoo, or water in your eyes. Whatever you do, avoid chlorine! This means hot tubs and pools. Chlorine can cause further irritation to eyes that are already recovering.

4. Never Rub Your Eyes

This is a good tip in general but is never more applicable than right after eye surgery. During LASIK, your surgeon creates a flap in the cornea.

The flap is then left to heal on its own. This process is fast, but causing the flaps to detach will not only be painful but cause problems with your recovery.

5. Listen to Your Doctor’s Advice

Your doctor is there to help you. Any information or direction given by them is to help you achieve vision success as safely and quickly as possible. Be sure to ask questions, and be upfront if you are nervous.

They may be able to help you learn and become even more excited for the journey you’re about to take!

Think you can handle getting LASIK? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX today! There’s never been a better time to find out if LASIK is right for you!