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What is the Vivity IOL?

Getting excellent results from cataract surgery requires you to select an IOL that can help you accomplish all your vision goals. An IOL replaces your natural lens during cataract surgery, giving you renewed vision. 

Not all IOLs are the same, though. Standard IOLs can’t compete with premium options when it comes to range of vision, and the Vivity IOL is one of the most advanced premium IOLs on the market.

Keep reading to learn more about the Vivity IOL!

What Are IOLs?

In an eye without a cataract, light is able to pass through the eye to land directly on the retina, uninterrupted. When the light can land directly and entirely on the retina, you will be able to experience clear and crisp vision.

When you have cataracts, the lens inside your becomes cloudy and opaque. Cataracts develop gradually, which slowly blocks and obscures the light from reaching the retina. 

The only way restore vision affected by cataracts is to remove the natural lens where the cataract is. However, your eye needs a lens in order to focus the light onto the retina. 

That is where an IOL comes in. IOLs are devices that are designed to replace the lenses inside your eyes. 

They are made from strong, long-lasting material, so they will easily last the rest of your life. During cataract surgery, the old natural lenses are replaced with the IOLs. 

There are many IOL choices. Some IOLs are monofocal, allowing you to only see clearly at one range of distance, meaning you will need glasses for certain activities. Many premium IOLs are multifocal, enabling you to experience a greater range of vision and reduced dependency on glasses after cataract surgery. 

Some premium IOLs use the muscles that hold the natural lens to move around in the eye. Others work like bifocal glasses with different zones of correction. 

The Vivity IOL uses correction zones like some other premium IOL brands, but there are some significant differences between them. 

How Does the Vivity IOL Work?     

Most IOLs cause light to split over the lens. This makes the lens diffractive. 

Splitting the light affects overall vision quality. Multiple focal points are created, blurring eyesight. 

The Vivity IOL is non-diffractive. It uses proprietary X-Wave technology to manipulate light in a way that is unique from other IOLs. 

The transition between the zones of correction is much smoother than other IOLs. This causes the light to stretch gradually over the lens, allowing for a wide range. 

In fact, there are two surface transition sites on each Vivity IOL. The adjustments are microscopic, but they make all of the difference. 

The first transition creates a focal range that is deep and continuous. It looks like a raised flat section. 

The second transition slightly changes the curvature in a small area. This lets the IOL use all the light that passes through it.  

Why Choose the Vivity IOL?

The Vivity IOL is truly one of a kind. It is the first and only extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL that is also non-diffractive. 

If you want a wide-ranged and seamless vision experience after cataract surgery, the Vivity IOL gets the job done. The X-Wave technology in the Vivity IOL allows you to see with all available light. 

Nighttime driving becomes safer and more enjoyable. Whether you are in dim light or bright light, you will benefit from outstanding near vision, far vision, and everything in between.

IOLs can occasionally cause some distracting glitches in your vision called visual aberrations. This is often due to imperfections in the IOL itself. 

The aberrations can include glare, starbursts, and halos around light sources. Patients report reduced visual disturbances after receiving the Vivity IOL, thanks to both the material and design of the lens. 

Instead, over 90% of patients report being satisfied with their choice. Even more would recommend the Vivity IOL to a friend!    

Another benefit that you should be aware of is the Vivity’s ability to shield your eyes from harmful rays from the sun. The UV radiation from sunlight is damaging to your eyes. 

The X-Wave technology used in the Vivity IOL acts as a filter between the UV rays and your retina. Similarly, it filters out blue light from screens, which can cause eye fatigue.  

Am I a Good Candidate for the Vivity IOL?

The Vivity IOL is an excellent choice for a lens replacement, but it is not the only option. The Vivity IOL will not be suitable for everyone.

For example, autoimmune disorders or previous eye infections could impact your ability to use Vivity IOLs. To ensure the surgery is safe and successful, your surgeon will need to determine if the Vivity IOL is the best solution for your vision needs during a cataract screening. 

During your cataract screening, your eye doctor will closely examine your eyes. You will also get an opportunity to discuss all the IOL options available with your eye doctor. 

Do you want to learn more about IOLs or determine if the advanced Vivity IOL may be right for you? Schedule your cataract screening at Westlake Eye Specialists in Austin, TX, today to learn more about the Vivity IOL and the other fantastic premium IOLs available!