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Experience Personalized Vision Correction in Austin with Light Adjustable Lenses

Westlake Eye Specialists is proud to be a leader in innovative vision correction in Austin. The Light Adjustable Lens offers a revolutionary approach to vision enhancement, allowing for personalized adjustments post-surgery to fine-tune your vision. The Light Adjustable Lens or LAL is the only lens that can be changed after surgery to fine-tune visual results. This lens is an excellent option for those undergoing cataract surgery that want to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses. It’s also ideal for patients over the age of 40 that have lost their ability to see up-close due to aging or presbyopia that want spectacle independence.

Why Choose Light Adjustable Lenses
at Westlake Eye Specialists?

Light Adjustable Lens

Unmatched Personalization:

With Light Adjustable Lenses, your vision correction is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results.
Light Adjustable Lens Lockup

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Utilizing advanced light-adjustable material, these lenses provide a level of customization unparalleled in standard lens implants.
Light Adjustable Lens Final Result

Dynamic Adjustability:

Post-surgery, your vision can be adjusted and fine-tuned for distance, intermediate, or near vision, meeting your specific lifestyle requirements.

Expertise in Vision Correction:

Our team at Westlake Eye Specialists is highly skilled in the latest vision correction techniques, offering the best care in Austin. The Light Adjustable Lens Procedure

Approximately 90 Second Light Treatment

At Westlake Eye Specialists, we ensure the Light Adjustable Lens procedure is safe, efficient, and tailored to your vision goals. Following the initial surgery, you’ll have the ability to test and adjust your vision until it meets your satisfaction, a unique benefit in the field of vision correction.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Understanding that every patient’s vision needs are different, Light Adjustable Lenses at Westlake Eye Specialists provide the flexibility to match your active lifestyle in Austin. Whether it’s for driving, reading, or computer work, these lenses adapt to your needs.

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