Wondering how much LASIK surgery costs? Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of LASIK and what you can expect to pay for your procedure.

Here are some things that could affect how much LASIK costs:

The cost of LASIK surgery varies depending on several factors. These include your vision correction needs, what kind of technology the practice uses, and what kind of insurance you have. If you’re thinking about having LASIK, here are a few things you should consider:

Your vision correction needs

Each LASIK patient has a different prescription and a different set of needs, which will affect the price of the procedure.

Available technology

The price of LASIK also depends on what kind of technology an eyecare practice uses. Here at Westlake Eye Specialists, we use VISX Star 4 ActiveTrak technology. Using VISX Star 4 ActiveTrak technology ensures precise results and faster recovery times for patients after LASIK.

Financing options

Most insurance plans don’t cover LASIK because it’s an elective procedure. Speak to your insurance to find out their policy about other elective procedures. If they don’t cover LASIK, you can research financing options to help offset the cost of undergoing LASIK.

Why is choosing a quality LASIK surgeon part of the cost of LASIK?

While LASIK is a safe, low-risk procedure, it’s important to work with a qualified surgeon so you can feel secure. Make sure the surgeon you select is board-certified. They should be a knowledgeable, experienced ophthalmologist who has performed many LASIK procedures. One of the most important things that LASIK cost includes is comprehensive pre and post-operative care both before and after you have LASIK. At Westlake Eye Specialists, this means you’ll be seen by a surgeon. If you choose a bargain LASIK provider, this is not something that most can offer you. You may have little to no interaction with the surgeon that will be operating on your eyes! When you’re choosing a surgeon and a LASIK practice, make sure that you’re choosing state-of-the-art technology. Most bargain LASIK providers will not be able to offer the VISX Star 4 ActiveTrak excimer laser system. If something about an ad for LASIK sounds too good to be true, trust your instincts because they are usually right! You only have one set of eyes, so it’s important to do your research before undergoing the procedure.
LASIK Advantages

What are the advantages of having LASIK?

For those that qualify, LASIK is a truly life-changing experience. It means saying goodbye to wearing glasses and contacts. There’s nothing like being able to achieve visual freedom and waking up being able to see. Patients also appreciate that LASIK is a fast, simple procedure with a low risk of serious complications. It’s important to realize that LASIK isn’t right for everyone since it’s a surgical procedure. A LASIK consultation is the first step to finding out if you qualify!
Care Credit

What LASIK financing options are available?

You can pay for LASIK at Westlake Eye Specialists using CareCredit®. CareCredit® is a credit card that’s exclusively designed for healthcare services. With the CareCredit® credit card, you can undergo LASIK without needing to wait. You can pay off your procedure over time with affordable monthly payments.
If you can afford to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks every morning, you can fit LASIK into your budget as well! Westlake Eye Specialists is also happy to offer our patients the option to use an Alphaeon credit card. Aphaeon offers a wide variety of monthly payment options to help make LASIK as affordable as possible without breaking the bank!

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