Corneal Conditions

Both conditions can cause irritation, eye redness, and blurred vision. Pterygium may grow, inducing astigmatism, and can advance across the front of the eye compromising central vision.

Conjunctival chalasis (bagging of excess eyeball tissue over the lower eyelids) can interfere with normal blinking and can be a source of constant irritation, exacerbating the symptoms of dry eyes, including burning, foreign body sensations, and the feeling that your blinking is not working correctly.

As patients age, these conditions become more common. Although Pterygium is more apparent and thus easy to identify, Conjunctival Chalasis is often overlooked as a cause of patient symptoms.

The doctors at Westlake Eye will assess each patient’s condition and determine when medication is most appropriate or if surgery is needed, tailoring treatment to each patient’s specific needs and situation.



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